Opening hours

The ticket office is open every day from 1 June to 29 August.

Opening hours between 10:00 and 18:00.


The ticket office is open every weekend from 3 September to 2 October.
Opening hours between 10:00 and 18:00.


Group booking:
It is possible to book the park on weekdays throughout the autumn. Get in touch by e-mail to post@exploregeiranger.no


Where is the ticket office?
See map further down on the website!

Nature Trail & Rappell



The famous viewpoint Flydalsjuvet is within walking distance of the nature park. Explore Geiranger has now established a steep path secured with ropes all the way up to Flydalsjuvet. This is not a trail you can walk without a climbing harness and JUMAR (safety device). Steep shots and easy splitting require securing!

Rawness & Adrenaline


In the nature park you get a zipline and via ferrata in one package. We call the area the nature park because the area was developed as a nature park in the 1990s. For 20 years, the park stood untouched and overgrown before Explore Geirangertok took over. The nature park is a mix of natural deciduous forest and cliffs along the Geiranger River.

Between wild and beautiful mountains


Geiranger is an eldorado for nature-loving people. The cultural landscape, the mountains, the waterfalls, the cliffs and of course the Geirangerfjord set the framework for the picturesque village. We at Explore Geiranger want to give guests an opportunity to visit untouched nature, see some of the uniqueness of the fjord landscape and offer strong nature experiences in a way that few have done before.

Explore Geiranger
nature park

Geiranger has a hidden natural gem in the center! In our nature park you can climb along the Geiranger River, balancing on Nepal bridges and flying over gorges and waterfalls. All within walking distance of Hotel Union Geiranger. We welcome guests to exciting nature experiences with us. The park opens May 22, 2021. We have built our ziplines, Nepal bridges, towers, plank bridges and via ferrata to provide beautiful and exciting nature experiences.

Our ziplines are the country’s first zip where two wires run in parallel via five installations. Here you get to fly through UNESCO nature like a bird in the treetops and maybe feel a little on your stomach as you fly over Dynamittfossen 🙂 But the park offers more than just flying! We have integrated via ferrata and Nepal bridges along the Geiranger River. This is safe climbing where you get your arms, legs and balance tested. Definitely an experience you will soon forget 🙂

Experience Geiranger
and surroundings

You can rent a kayak and explore the Geirangerfjord.

Geiranger has some unique mountain farms where the balance between cultural landscape and nature has given the village status as a world heritage site.

From the center of Geiranger you can walk up to several fantastic viewpoints. It’s well worth the trip!

Geiranger has several spectacular waterfalls that you can walk to. At the top of Flydalen you will find a double waterfall and a beautiful pool to swim in. Above Vesterås you will find Storsæterfossen which you can walk behind.

Create good experiences

We offer guided group tours in the nature park for companies. The nature park is within walking distance of Hotel Union Geiranger! We can offer an exciting nature experience that strengthens the team spirit in the group! A perfect break from the conference that gives new energy and vitality. A company trip in the nature park takes about 1.5 hours. A shorter variant is to fly on the ziplines. It takes about 1 hour.