Local forces

Explore Geiranger Nature Park

Explore Geiranger Naturpark is built by Geiranger Bygg and Vinje Fagbygg, two local carpentry companies in Geiranger. The Norwegian Bolt Fund has built the Via Ferrata. High & Low has fitted the ziplines. Local companies and individuals in Geiranger have been responsible for the financing together with Innovation Norway. Project development of Explore Geiranger AS.

The idea behind

The idea is that the park will provide a dense and exciting nature experience in the middle of Geiranger. Zipliner has a long tradition in Geiranger. In the 19th century it was called a trail string. It was a lifeline between the mountain farms and the fjord. Food, supplies and farm products went up and down the trail string. The invention of the trail string helped to keep the many mountain farms alive for decades. In Explore Geiranger’s nature park, we do not send food and products, but people. The technology is much the same, but the purpose is new. We want to create joy on our “trail strings”. Good experiences for our guests who visit Geiranger.