Time: customized
Difficulty: customized
Landscape: beautiful and unique

Geiranger is an eldorado for nature-loving people. The cultural landscape, the mountains, the waterfalls, the cliffs and of course the Geirangerfjord set the framework for the picturesque village. We at Explore Geiranger want to give guests an opportunity to visit untouched nature, see some of the uniqueness of the fjord landscape and offer strong nature experiences in a way that few have done before. It can be as simple and beautiful as a dewy waterfall walk in untouched nature, swimming under the bridal veil or climbing up on one of the steep peaks that surround the village. It can also be a bit more intense nature experience, for example 80 meters of free-hanging rappelling. We also want to offer exclusive trips to several of the unknown shelf farms along the fjord. In quiet surroundings you can experience the mighty nature and feel a little of how life degenerated on a shelf for the farmer and the family.


Explore Geiranger’s 8 guides are ready to sew together an exciting experience for friends or companies on a trip. These are “signature trips” that must be planned in advance. Each trip will be unique.


We tailor a scheme for you. You must send a request by e-mail to post@exploregeiranger.no where you tell a little about what you would like to experience. Based on your wishes, we will send some suggestions.


It is possible to set up combinations of different experiences. Explore Geiranger collaborates with:

Fjord Guiding AS

Geiranger Fjordservice AS

Hotel Union Geiranger AS