We have built a zipline park that is perfect for the active family. You rent equipment from us and explore the park alone! Our guides make sure everything is safe. Zipline: minimum 25 kg. Ferrata: age limit 10 years.

Nature experience

The good nature experience is central! All our installations are integrated into the landscape to give the family a close and exciting nature experience.

Out on an adventure

Take the children on a little adventure where you explore the park and all the different elements together.


The trip starts at the Norwegian Fjord Center and follows the Geiranger River on the right side. After a short walk you come to our via ferrata (note! 10 year age limit on the ferrata). The first part is not demanding, but you have to use both arms and legs to climb it. The ferrata runs along the river and ends at a 30 meter long Nepal bridge that crosses over to a tower. From the tower there is a new Nepal bridge that crosses the river. When you are over the other side, you can choose to climb up to the right or down to the left. The most difficult goes to the left and it requires some force in the arms.

After the Ferrata, follow the footpath further up towards Flydalsjuvet. Look at the map if you are unsure. After 300 meters you arrive at the start tower for the zipline (7 years age limit and minimum 25 kg). Here you will meet a guide that shows how to use the equipment. When you are in place in front of the zip, all you have to do is soar through nature. On your flight you will cross Dynamittfossen, gorges and lots of treetops. Guarantees buckles for adults and children. The last zipline takes you to a 12 meter high tower. From the top you climb three ladders down to the ground. Cross the bridge and return the equipment to the ticket office.

Family trip
in the zipline park

If you have children who are 10 years or older, we recommend exploring the entire zipline park. We promise that it is both exciting and fun for the whole family to find their way in the park. It is a mix between a hiking trail, climbing, balance on the Nepal bridge, a walk in the woods and not least the spectacular zipline. All built into the terrain to provide a dense and exciting nature experience.

The family is given both Via Ferrata and Zipline equipment. With that equipment, the family can explore the nature park on their own! Our guides in the park will make sure everything is safe.

Let us know if you and your family have no experience with via ferrata climbing. We provide a quick introduction to the use of the equipment.

No knowledge of zipline flying is required. A guide is on the starting tower and will make sure that everyone connects correctly. The ziplines are easy to use for young and old 🙂

Ziplineparken has the following installations:
2 pcs. Via Ferrata, 2 pcs. Nepalbroer, 5 double zipliner.

Age limit:
10 years

about 1.5 hours

Family trip
in the Zipline Park

If you have children under the age of 10, they can not climb via ferrata, but the children can fly through the park on the ziplines. Tickets must be purchased directly at the ticket office.

The zipline park is built with double wire so that it will be extra fun for a family to take it together. It is completely safe to fly on ziplines! But we hope the whole family will feel a little on their stomachs when you fly over gorges and waterfalls 🙂

The family rents zipline equipment and finds the starting tower themselves. A guide is on the start tower and will make sure that everyone connects correctly. Then just fly from platform to platform through UNESCO nature 🙂

When the family has finished on the last zipline, all you have to do is climb down the tower and follow the signs back to the ticket office.

It is weight that matters on ziplines. Children under 25 kg become too light and do not reach the end of the wire. Adults over 120 kg get too much speed.

Ziplineparken has the following installations:
2 towers, 3 treetop platforms & 2 “trail string” bucks.

To use the ziplines, you must weigh a minimum of 25 kg and a maximum of 120 kg.

About 1 hour