Flydalsjuvet nature trail &

Time: 2.5 hours
Difficulty: Medium (requires some strength in arms and legs)
Landscape: Steep and demanding (securing all the way)

Booking: Send e-mail to eirik@exploregeiranger.no


Join us to explore our new and exciting combination trip where you can split up and rappelling down.

The famous viewpoint Flydalsjuvet is within walking distance of the nature park. Explore Geiranger has now established a steep path secured with ropes all the way up to Flydalsjuvet. This is not a trail you can walk without a climbing harness and JUMAR (safety device). Steep shots and easy splitting require securing!

The trail goes through the deciduous forest where small shots give an exciting and creative nature experience. Occasionally there are small clearings where you look through the forest towards Geiranger center. Eventually the path goes on moss-grown rock with a good view of the Geirangerfjord. Here is a double rope safety device that provides a great photo motif. The last part of the trail goes in open landscape up to the viewpoint itself. Our guide is happy to take a common picture of the group at the viewpoint.

After a short break at the viewpoint, the rappelling starts!

The rappelling route consists of three parts. The intro wall, the vertical wall (50 meters) and the sva wall (40 meters).

The intro wall

Most are inexperienced with rappelling technique so the guide will provide training on the use of equipment and ropes. This is done in a simple intro wall just below the “queen’s chair” on Flydalsjuvet. When the guide is confident that everyone in the group masters the equipment, the trip continues to the two large mountain walls with fantastic views of the Geirangerfjord.

The vertical wall

The vertical wall has a safe and nice shelf to stand on where ropes are prepared. The wall itself has two rappelling possibilities. One is vertical. The guide can take great pictures of those who choose to rappelling down here. A kinder rappelling without a vertical start is also possible. Both are very beautiful and spectacular rappels that end up on a safe shelf about 50 meters further down. From this shelf there is a secure path about 20 meters to the sva wall.


From a ledge with heather, the next rappel goes down a beautiful swa wall surrounded by deciduous forest. View towards the center of Geiranger all the way down. The rappel ends in the deciduous forest about 40 meters further down.


The rappelling route consists of three parts. The intro wall, the vertical wall (50 meters) and the sva wall (40 meters).

After everyone is down from the rappelling route, it is a short walk of 200 meters down to the starting point of the nature trail.

Equipment and safety

1. We use 11 mm industrial ropes that are approved for work in vertical landscapes.

In rock climbing, for comparison, it is normal to use 9 mm ropes.

3. We use JUMAR fuse for the upturn. This is a rope lock with handles that gives you 100% safe traffic in steep landscapes. JUMAR secures your ascent, but you must have the strength to pull yourself past steep ascents.

For rappelling, we use SPARROW rope brake which is approved TT * equipment for work in vertical landscapes. This is a powerful rope brake that locks automatically if you make a mistake. SPARROW provides safe and comfortable rappelling.

5. In all parts of the nature trail and the rappelling route, you are secured where necessary. Our guide will always follow the group and make sure everyone is safe. The trip offers fantastic views of the Geirangerfjord in partly steep and vertical landscape. If you have a fear of heights, it is not recommended to book this trip.