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Terms and Conditions

These are our Terms and Conditions of your booking of equipment & guided tours at the Explore Geiranger Nature Park. Please note that by booking our equipment with us you agree in these terms. Therefor we advice you to read through all these terms so that you have understood them before booking your equipment with us. 

1. How to book your activity

Use our online booking on the website (, by email ( or by phone +47 47 39 50 73. Bookings on e-mail need a confirmation from us before it ́s booked.

2. Booking – Payment

100% of the fee should be paid within 14 days after Explore Geiranger AS has confirmed the booking and sent out the payment information (or as otherwise agreed). Persons under 18 years who participate in the activity without adult companion need a permission from their parents. When the fee is paid the participant agrees in the terms and conditions for Explore Geiranger AS.

3. Cancellation

a. If cancellation is done earlier than 15 days before the event starts the participant should pay 0 % of the event’s price.
b. If cancellation is done later than 15 days before, but earlier than 7 days before the event, the participant should pay 50 %of the event’s price.
c. If cancellation later than 7 days before start of the event, the participant should pay the full price of the event ́s price..

4. Changes

Change fee is 200 NOK per booking. Changes means changing of days / activity etc.

5. Organizer’s changes before events and cancellation

a. Explore Geiranger AS can change the agreements to the participants disadvantage only if it ́s necessary due to outer circumstances or changed conditions.
b. The participant could withdraw from the agreement, if Explore Geiranger AS has explained that Explore Geiranger AS can t́ fulfill what Explore Geiranger AS has promised to do and if this is of main importance for the participant. The participant should in reasonable time communicate to Explore Geiranger AS, that he/she wants to withdraw from the agreement. If not, he/she will loose his chance to withdraw from the agreement.
c. If the minimum number of participants isn t́ reached (written on the page for each event), Explore Geiranger AS may cancel the event in reasonable time without giving the customer right to compensation. Explore Geiranger AS could offer a similar event at another time.

6. Weather

If the planned trip isn t́ feasible because of the weather and snow-conditions, the participants will be offered alternative trips. In this case the participants will pay for the event that ́s being implemented.

7. Age

The following is valid for participant under 18 years;

  1. Persons who are 15-18 years of age are allowed to participate alone

  2. Under 15 years of age must be accompanied by one of the participate alone

8. Events

Explore Geiranger AS will not pay for costs caused by the participants lack of physical health or other personal reasons. If the participant decides to leave the event before the scheduled end, no refund is given to the customer. Explore Geiranger AS´s instructors have the right to reject participants, who ́s lack of physical health or equipment prevents the group from fulfilling the event’s plan. Explore Geiranger AS´s instructors have the right to change the schedule/plan due to circumstances which are outside Explore Geiranger AS control.