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The UNESCO waterfall hike

by Explore Geiranger

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Walk next to the most beautiful waterfall in Geiranger. Just you & the group, the water and the nature. Untoutched, unspoiled raw nature. 

Explore Geiranger have developed our own secret path along the most spectacular river in Geiranger. We call it The UNESCO Waterfall hike. The 1 kilometer long hike (one way) will take the group very close to several waterfalls before the trip end up on a viewpoint just below the largest waterfall in Geiranger. The hike is not hard, but the terrain is uneven. We walk on moss, grass, rocks surrounded by birch and pine forrest. At the viewpoint, the group can rest and enjoy the view to the Geirangerfjord. The group will be close to the large waterfall, however, just outside the spray. After a proper rest, the guide will lead the group back down on a different trail which goes through the forrest.  

During the hike, the guide will tell interesting facts and stories about the nature and culture of Geiranger.

The hike start at the guide office which is next to our zipline park. The address is: Geirangervegen 139.


Safety: The hike is safe, but keep in mind we are walking next to a wild river on rocks, moss and grass. Some short sections of the hike is steep. We have build stairs and ledders to assist the guests on these steep parts. We have also put up hamp ropes to assist the hike. The whole hike is on uneven terrain. You should have some experience walking on mountain trails and/or uneven terrain

Clothes: We recommend all guests to wear a waterproof jacket and boots. Depending on the water flow, you should expect some spray from the waterfalls we pass on the way up.

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